In the name of God

Introducing Bita Group Companies International Shipping Collection:

  • Bita-tarabar International Shipping Company
  • Khazar-tarabar International Shipping Company
  • Sivan-tarabar International Shipping Company
  • Petro Bita Qasr-e-shirin Company (this Co. is active in field of oil reservoir, depletion & loading)

As one of most experienced & advanced companies operating in international shipping field, these companies seek successful business, satisfaction & trust from their customers & officials. This company has been operating since 1995 with establishment of first Group Company (Bita-tarabar International Shipping Company) that have been successful with fully aware from this industry importance in promoting sound economy in areas such as road transport, Forwarding Affairs, Carrier & fulfilling all affairs of customs, marketing & etc.

This company has made positive changes to improve its service quality, better service & expand its operations. In this regard, this company in order to further goals & programs developed, established the Khazar-tarabar Companies, Jahansair-tarabar & Sivan-tarabar, respectively, for international road transport & established in 2013 the Sea International Shipping Company Bita-tarabar according to ever-increasing need to sending fuel cargo using trained staff & managers in the group's system.

One of the successes of Sea International Shipping Company Bita-tarabar in 2015 as first shipping company in the country ranked third according to annual reports of Islamic Republic of Iran Ports & Shipping Organization regarding transportation & transportation of oil & petrochemical cargoes in tanker, tonnage & representation level ships in Iran's country.

Main activities of this group:

  • Transit & transporting of dry goods to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan & CIS countries, Germany, Italy, France, Bulgaria & vice versa.
  • Transit & transporting of oil derivatives from Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran, Afghanistan, UAE & CIS countries and vice versa.


BITA Group companies utilize the principles of management and based on the proper performance of highly experienced and efficient personnel, taking advantage of the extensive activity of their branches and agencies in various areas, especially border areas, enjoying a variety of facilities including 600 covered truck including: cladding, tanker, insole, hem & other factors, so far have achieved more success & confidence in both Iran and neighboring countries.

One of most important business customers for this company in goods shipping industry after end of Iraq-USA war was sending international aid related to World Food & Drug Administration, World Red Cross, World Organization of Doctors Without Borders, from Iran to Iraq. This companies group shipped a total of 954,543 tonnes of global humanitarian aid and goods to Iraq.

One of most important business customers for this companies group after establishing central Iraqi government in field of transportation, transit, swap of fuel cargoes & oil derivatives, originating from Iraq to southern ports of Iran (Bandar Abbas & Bandar Imam Khomeini) & vice versa. Also can be mentioned to transit & transportation work for Iraq Oil Company Qaywan, Fuchs Company, Kurdistan Soot Company, Mohammad Oil Company, Paul Oil Company, Petro Bita Eqlim Company. This companies group transported 5.253.953 tonnes of fuel cargoes & oil derivatives, including crude, condensate, naphtha & fuel oil from Iraq to Iran in end of 2010 to end of November 2018.

Moreover, aforementioned activities of these companies has been transporting Petrol and Gasoline cargoes from Iranian refineries & transiting these fuel cargoes from CIS countries through northern ports of Iran and Bahrain & UAE via southern ports to Iraq.

It should be noted that our partnership with the aforementioned companies is through a buyer called North Golf Company, managed by Mr. Abu Al-Esa, who is able to pay in cash in Dubai and Sulaymaniyah. On the other hand, it is pride of this collection that guarantees buyer & seller side.

At present, this collection has ability to selling 100,000 tonnes of fuel oil per month tonnage.

Establishment, Branches Development & Agencies of Abbas Port, Imam Khomeini Port, Bushehr Port, Parviz Khan Border, Khosravi Border, Haj Omran (Piranshahr) Border, Bashmaq Border, Bazargan Border, Kermanshah, Bandar Anzali in Iran & Branches in Sulaymaniyah & Erbil, has made it possible for Bita companies group to be recognized as best group in fuel & oil derivatives industry.

Timely shipment, guaranteed cargo delivery & high responsibility as a very important factor in the transportation industry is for Merchants satisfaction. These Companies activities in transporting fuel cargoes field from Iraq to Iran & vice versa that has high sensitivity indicating Visitors satisfaction & brilliant history of this collection.

Bita Companies group is one of leading companies in oil derivatives transportation field. Experience several years & expert in transit, direct shipment, composite shipment, transporting oil derivatives swap projects & fuel products such as crude oil, condensate, fuel oil, petrol, gasoline, naphtha, bitumen & more from Iraq, Turkmenistan to Anzali Port, Imam Khomeini Port, Abbas Port, Iranian Refineries & vice versa.

Moreover, exporting fuel products from Iran to neighboring countries, especially Kurdish region of Iraq, Afghanistan, have been very effective in gaining confidence of neighboring countries, Persian Gulf & CIS basin countries.

Some of BITA Companies Group accomplishments with years of hard work by senior executives & its staff collaboration to provide best service:

  • Membership in important national & global organizations
  • Ability to apply intelligent management with 600 truck of company
  • No use of traditional transportation, providing modern transportation system & applicating goods & service transportation software (Bita-Euler software) using technical knowledge of group personnel
  • Membership in domestic & international shipping associations such as FIATA, IRU
  • Membership in International Transportation, providing forwarding services using agents, prestigious branches at home & abroad

This company, with code 673 in Iranian Petroleum Products Distribution & Refining Company (IRANO), exported 170,000 tonnes of oil from the Tabriz and Arak refineries in less than 6 months from late July to mid-December 2016. It has shipped to Imam Khomeini port, which is another indication of company capabilities. In order to expedite service delivery according to operating conditions, it is possible to increase the number of trucks covered by the company from the current number (600 units) to (900 units) in the near future. Another actions of this collection in building project of tanks 6,000 m3 in Qasr-e-Shirin, was to discharge & load 6,000 tonnes (180,000 tonnes per day) with aim of reducing Iraqi truck traffic into Iran & preventing smuggling that began in June 2018 & its opening date was December 2018.

On the other hand, employment of about 100 indigenous people at start time of this collection in Qasr-e-Shirin is another positive result.